Motorola Access Point DHCP Vendor Class IDs


Here are the DHCP vendor class IDs for the Motorola Wireless LAN Switches, Access Ports and Access Points;

  • MotorolaRFS.RFS7000 (RFS7000)
  • MotorolaRFS.RFS6000 (RFS6000)
  • MotorolaRFS.RFS4000 (RFS4000)
  • MotorolaAP.AP7131 (AP7161)
  • MotorolaAP.AP7131 (AP7131)
  • MotorolaAP.AP650 (AP650)
  • MotorolaAP.AP621 (AP621)
  • MotorolaAP.AP6521 (AP6521)
  • MotorolaAP.AP6532 (AP6532)
  • MotorolaAP.AP6511 (AP6511)

The APs will try to associate via a Layer 2 broadcast with a controller, if they fail to adopt via Layer 2 they will issue a a DHCP request with the vendor class IDs listed above.

This is really helpful in your IPAM or DHCP server, you can define specific pools based on the vendor class to return very specific DHCP options. In this case you would probably want to return DHCP option 189 (string) with the IP address of the wireless LAN switch. You can include multiple IPs separated by commas.


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