Verizon FiOS TV to utilize MPEG-4 H.264

Verizon FiOS TV will start utilizing MPEG-4 (H.264) to encode some of their channels beginning sometime after April 15, 2013. The use of MPEG-4 isn’t completely new to Verizon FiOS TV, last year around April 2012 they started carrying all the MLB Extra Innings channels along with a few other premium channels in MPEG-4, this year they are expanding the number of channels they are encoding in MPEG-4 so a larger number of their customers will be impacted.

It’s my current understanding that if you have a QIP-6200 or QIP-6416 STB that you’ll need a replacement assuming you have a package that allows access to any of the channels mentioned below.


You can check whether or not you need to order a replacement by going through the STB menus, Menu -> Customer Support -> Set Top Box Exchange.


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