Nortel IP Telephony Deployment Technical Configuration Guide

TelephonyIPDeployment1Nortel released a new version of the Nortel IP Telephony Deployment Technical Configuration Guide in September 2009 that is really another treasure trove of technical information for Nortel customers.  You’ll recall back in September that I posted about the Nortel Large Campus Technical Solution Guide. This is another highly technical document written with focus on IP telephony and the use of Nortel specific Ethernet switching products.

The document covers standalone Nortel IP Phone sets and how they can be deployed on various Nortel switches. It also covers features on Nortel switches related to VoIP with configuration examples. Overall, topics that will be covered include the following:

Ethernet switch platforms that support PoE:

  • Ethernet Switch 470-PWR
  • Ethernet Routing Switch 5xxx: 5520-24T-PWR, 5220-48T-PWR, 5650TD-PWR, 5698TFD-PWR,
  • Ethernet Routing Switch 45xx: 4526T-PWR, 4550T-PWR, 4524GT-PWR, 4526GTX-PWR, 4548GT-PWR
  • Ethernet Routing Switch 25xx: 2526T-PWR, 2550T-PWR
  • Ethernet Routing Switch 8300

VoIP technologies:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Auto configuration via DHCP for VoIP Phone sets
  • Auto provisioning using tftp or http
  • Quality over Service (QoS)
  • Authentication using EAPoL (802.1x)
  • Auto Detection Auto Configuration (ADAC)
  • LLDP

If you are working with Nortel IP telephony products I would highly recommend you give this document a quick review.  It’s about 257 pages in length it’s very detailed providing lots of examples.


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