Rollerblade Macroblade 90 – Impressive Skates


This morning I debuted a pair or Rollerblade Macroblade 90’s on the Schuylkill River Trail between Pawlings Road and Rt 202 in Norristown, PA. It was a leisurely 13+ mile skate as I tested out my new skates only occasionally pushing the pace when I needed to pass some bikes. The skates are relatively comfortable, even while breaking them in. I ended up getting only small blisters on both feet (on my big toe nonetheless). The skates provided an extremely smooth and silent ride with great excellent power transfer in each stroke and great stability through each stride.

Workout June 7 2015

As is usually the chase on the Schuylkill River Trail there was a headwind heading toward Norristown and then a really strong headwind along Rt 422 heading back toward Pawlings road. Only rarely do I end up with the headwind behind me pushing me along.

I was easily able to maintain a high tempo with the SG9 bearings and 90mm wheels so I pushed the distance bit to provide a good workout.

I’m happy to report that I’m down 24 lbs. in my battle of the bulge after about 7 weeks of eating smarter and working out.



Verizon FiOS – POP3 Settings

I realized yesterday that my Motorola Moto X smartphone had stopped syncing my Verizon email account and recalled a notification from Verizon that involved a configuration change. If your a Verizon customer you may need to check the settings on our mail client. Once I made the changes I was able to immediately connect and sync my email. Cheers!   […] Read More


Personal Fitness – Losing the spare tire


A few weeks ago I started a "Biggest Loser" competition at work, trying to foster a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits mixed up with a little friendly competition from my coworkers. I weighed in at a whopping 321 lbs which is a lifetime personal high for me. Almost 3 weeks later I'm off to a good start having lost almost 20 lbs weighing in at 301. I've been a Fitbit and Withings user for more than 3 years now so I can look back at the data and easily see how I've let things get out of control. You can […] Read More


IP Routing in Small Networks

I've seen quite a few issues throughout the years but one that I run into time and time again revolves around which device to set as the default gateway, in a DHCP scope, when you have both an internal router and Internet firewall on the same IP network. Should you set the router as the default gateway or should you set the firewall as the default gateway? Let's use the topology below as a pretty simple example; Theoretically this shouldn't be an issue but I've seen it be an issue time and time again. This configuration usually results in performance […] Read More


Windows Server Team – Microsoft Patch KB3002657


I recently took on the responsibility of managing and re-building the Windows Server team. Thanks to Microsoft Security Patch KB3002657 last week was a true adventure in both patch management and change control. It was discovered that several Windows Domain Controllers were missing some critical security patches so it was decided, rather haphazardly, to patch those Domain Controllers immediately. You can guess the chaos that shortly ensued afterwards. The catch - the issue wasn't with the Domain Controllers that needed to be patched but rather with a legacy Windows 2003 Domain Controller (older physical box) that was left to authenticate […] Read More