Windows Server Team – Microsoft Patch KB3002657


I recently took on the responsibility of managing and re-building the Windows Server team. Thanks to Microsoft Security Patch KB3002657 last week was a true adventure in both patch management and change control. It was discovered that several Windows Domain Controllers were missing some critical security patches so it was decided, rather haphazardly, to patch those Domain Controllers immediately. You can guess the chaos that shortly ensued afterwards. The catch – the issue wasn’t with the Domain Controllers that needed to be patched but rather with a legacy Windows 2003 Domain Controller (older physical box) that was left to authenticate requests while the other Domain Controllers rebooted. Unknowingly KB3002657 had been applied to this legacy Windows 2003 Domain Controller automatically by WSUS on the prior Thursday but no issues had been detected at that time because the other Domain Controllers in the Site had been authenticating requests for Microsoft Outlook MAC Clients, IIS and SharePoint. We originally suspected the Domain Controllers that had just been patched but quickly ruled them out and were able to determine which Domain Controller was failing to properly authenticate NTLM requests.

It doesn’t help that Windows 2003 Server is End of Support on July 15, 2015.




Load Balancing with A10 Networks vThunder ADC – Part 1


I've been spending a lot of time recently with A10's AX3200, Thunder 3030S and vThunder Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) as I look to replace the large number of Cisco ACE 4710s that we have in the environment. I'm going to make a series of posts around the A10 load balancers over the next few weeks to try and highlight some configuration options as I start working on some of my larger migrations and configurations. In this post I'll highlight just simple load-balancing. We won't worry about URL paths (Layer 7), persistence, stickiness, cookies, SSL termination or any of those exciting […] Read More


Hard disk failure results in upgrade to SSD


I'm a Windows guy and I'm happy to admit it. I grew up with Windows, yes I ran Windows 3.0, and I have supported Windows desktops throughout my entire career. I decided sometime ago that while Apple has some great products I just wasn't really interested in learning a new operating system and decided to stick with Windows and yes Linux specifically Ubuntu (desktop) and CentOS (server). This week right in the middle of a fiber cut that left me with multiple Internet and Metro Ethernet circuits down the Seagate Momentus Thin hard drive in my Lenovo T430 ThinkPad up and […] Read More


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm amazed that yet another year has come and gone and St. Patrick's Day is here again. It's time to put down that first round of fertilizer on the lawn if you have lawn to maintain. I'm really excited about Spring this year... I have quite a few lbs to shed and I'm looking forward to strapping on the inline skates and hitting the trails. The twins will be participating in a 5K fitness run in a few weeks so I need to get into shape fast. If you've never heard Irish music here's an embedded stream […] Read More


@A10Networks aXAPI with PHP


I've recently been playing around with the A10 aXAPI, writing a PHP based web application to help automate the management of our A10 Application Delivery Controllers (Load Balancers). I like to start these projects small and then add features and functionality as I become more accustom to the API and refine the application requirements. Starting small also helps me visualize my progress and keeps me engaged as the code development progresses. There's nothing worse than writing code where you can't easily and quickly see the fruits of your labors. I had a little prototype up and working within a few […] Read More