Planetside 2 – Gaming With Scale


I’ve been playing multi-player first person shooters since the original Doom more than 20 years ago. Last year I was introduced to Planetside 2, a game that truly brings scale to the multi-player first person shooter. I’ve played quite a few multi-players games including Battlefield 2, Counter-Strike, Day Of Defeat, Fontlines, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, Left for Dead, Rising Storm, Medal of Honor, Red Orchestra 2, Team Fortress 2, etc. And while most of those were great games and provided me plenty of entertainment you usually couldn’t play with any more than 63 other players on the same server. In Planetside 2 you can play on a continent (map) with upwards of 2,000 other players. There’s something to be said about seeing 100+ enemy soldiers running down the hillside at you.

Planetside 2 is free to play if your at all interested, although you’ll need a fairly powerful desktop/laptop to truly enjoy the game. I should also mention that you’ll probably need more than a few hours to download the entire game as it’s reigns in at almost 15GBs in size.



Storage Area Networks


I've recently found myself dealing with a lot of storage area network issues. It's my team that has the privilege of maintaining 22 different Fiber Channel Storage Area Network (SAN) switches with multiple independent and redundant SAN fabrics. I've recently run into a number of situations where improper cabling and FC SAN switch zoning were the root cause to some very visible application outages. A SAN provides "block" level access to a multitude of devices including disk arrays such as the EMC VNX 5300 and 7500, and tape drives such as the HP MSL 4048 tape library. Storage Area Networks […] Read More


Networking Field Day 8 #NFD8


The folks at Gestalt IT are putting on yet another Networking Field Day event in Silicon Valley. You can follow the hash tag #NFD8 on Twitter and/or watch the live video streams at Cheers […] Read More


Digital Ocean – DNS Issues & Kernel Issues


Here's a short story, partially still in progress. With all the security breaches going on I thought for a few moments that I might have been caught up in one of them. This past Thursday night I noticed that both my virtual servers, which are hosted by Digital Ocean, were very slow to login via SSH, I mean extremely slow on the order of 8 to 10 seconds. Accessing the WordPress installation on one of those virtual servers was also extremely slow. I began to fear that one of my servers had fallen victim to some vulnerability or exploit and […] Read More


Akamai CDN and TCP Connections


In my latest adventure I had to untangle the interaction between a pair of Cisco ACE 4710s and Akamai's Content Distribution Network (CDN) including SiteShield, Mointpoint, and SiteSpect. It's truly amazing how complex and almost convoluted a CDN can make any website. Any when it fails you can guess who's going to get the blame. Over the past few weeks I've been looking at a very interesting problem where an Internet facing VIP was experiencing a very unbalanced distribution across the real servers in the severfarm. I wrote a few quick and dirty Bash shell scripts to-do some repeated load tests […] Read More